The Swedish Mensa Award 2015 is given to Ronnie Gardiner

The Mensa Award 2015 is given to Ronnie Gardiner for his rehabilitation method Ronnie Gardiner Method (RGM). People suffering from stroke, Parkinson or MS are given a unique possibility for mental training that is both fun and stimulating, through the use of music and rhythm. The brain’s remaining abilities are found and developed and patients are able to find abilities they have lost, such as some movements, articulation and coordination.

Every year the Mensa Sweden society awards a winner of the Swedish Mensa Award. The purpose of the award is to acknowledge and encourage someone whose work corresponds well with the purpose of Mensa: ”To identify and promote human intelligence in such a way that it benefits humanity, and to promote research concerning the nature, characteristics and use of intelligence.” The 2015 award goes to Ronnie Gardiner, who through his unique method RGM helps many stroke, Parkinson and MS patients. Rhythmic handclapping and foot tapping with various levels of difficulty, performed as a genial backing to music, enables anyone to train their brain in a fun and stimulation manner. The method is continuously developed, transformed and expanded to include new target groups, among other things a specially adjusted children’s programme.

“Research on whether RGM gives noticeable positive change in brain functions is ongoing, however it is undoubtedly so that the method is both safe and fun. That, if anything, makes it intelligent to create and share”, says Erik Stålberg, Professor Emeritus in clinical neurophysiology at Uppsala University.

The justification for the award is: Through his method RGM (Ronnie Gardiner Method), Ronnie Gardiner inspires many stroke, Parkinson and MS patients to find enjoyment, dedication and rehabilitation. In a formidable way, the RGM fulfils the most important purpose of Mensa: To identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity; and to encourage research into the nature, characteristics, and uses of intelligence.

Ronnie Gardiner was born in 1932 and is a legendary jazz drummer. He has played with the greatest musicians throughout the world, in Sweden mainly with Charlie Norman.

This year’s Mensa Award is announced and given on May 16 at the Mensa Sweden Annual Gathering. A tribute concert to honour Ronnie will take place at Scalateatern in Stockholm on Sunday May 31 at 19.00. The Mensa Award ceremony will be performed once again at the tribute concert

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